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Sony Vegas Pro 13.0 Crack & Keygen
Version of Keygen: v1.3.0
Release Date: 9/11/2014
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Windows 7 with Service Pack 1, Windows 8, or Windows 8.1
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Vegas 13 cracked by KHG Team
Vegas 13 cracked by KHG Team
Vegas 13 cracked by KHG Team
Vegas 13 cracked by KHG Team

Sony Vegas 13 Review

Sony Vegas Pro is a video editing program for professionals who need to develop high-quality HD videos. This professional version includes some features not found in other versions, such as support for gigapixel images, multilayered files of Adobe Photoshop and comprehensive support capture cards.

It covers all professional needs

Sony Vegas Pro is comparable to other video editors industry standards like Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, but it is the work style of Sony, which is a bit different from Premiere and Final Cut.

That’s why what initially may cost you a bit if you’ve only tried the other programs, but Sony Vegas Pro comes with a very detailed manual. Sony Vegas Pro offers everything a professional needs, including the ability to import multiple devices (including HD videos), using more than 300 filters and special effects, and specific tools to work with both text layers and subtitles to optimize image quality.

As you might expect from Sony, has paid much attention to the sound of the video and audio quality in general. It also provides you with a large number of sound effects and support for VST adapters. Sony Vegas offers a high degree of control over the audio settings.

Vegas pro 13 new screen
Vegas pro 13 new screen

Standard time line

Sony Vegas interface follows the standard Video Editors. There are several windows to preview your media files and work in progress, as well as a timeline to organize the different audio and video. The best of Sony Vegas interface is that it is fully customizable: you can open, close and modify all modules of the program to suit your needs.

This use of interchangeable modules may be confusing at first for those of you accustomed to Premiere and Final Cut, but really offers a high degree of control over the editing interface. There are other small differences that users of other programs should be adapted: for example, some tools are in different menus and need a little time to get used to Sony Vegas Pro.

A very accomplished video editor

Sony Vegas Pro is one of the editors of video industry standards and if you are looking for an alternative to Final Cut or Premiere, or you need something more powerful when editing audio, worth a try.

Sony Vegas Pro 11 processes, renders and saves considerably faster than Premiere Pro
Sony Vegas Pro 11 processes, renders and saves considerably faster than Premiere Pro

Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere?

For video editors and all users that develop in the printing industry, working with a great software is the primary tool. Sometimes it becomes more important than the base material if you do get quality results.

But often users that start with a particular software it your only tool, and dismisses the possibilities other pieces of software can offer. Is it your case?

Hits to decide which video editing software

Two of the most used for editing audio materials are Premiere Pro software, part of the Adobe Creative Suite CC and Sony Vegas Pro 13, developed by Japan’s Sony. Here we present a series of comparisons on fundamental points, for you to decide what software thoroughly which editing software to edit videos.

  • System Requirements. Tie. Both require the same processor and at least 2GB of RAM, but suggest a memory of at least 4 GB. What it does require the Adobe Premiere Pro is additional space on the disk at the time of installation.
  • Interface. Point to Sony Vegas Pro 13, because their environment is clear, simple, and is friendly. The usability of competitor Adobe is far more complex.
  • Speed​​. Sony Vegas Pro 13 processes, renders and saves considerably faster than Premiere Pro. Additionally, this software package CS5 consume many resources. Perhaps it is due to the “pro”.
  • Multiple functions. At this point we must consider chelates most of the actions that can be done in a program can be achieved in the other, but Premiere Pro runs an advantage: you can work together with fellow CC, Adobe After Effects.
  • Sound management. If what matters is the audio, Sony Vegas Pro 13 is significantly higher as a result.
  • Creating and editing titles and text. At this point both are somewhat deficient, but Sony Vegas is considerably worse. Furthermore, in the Adobe Premiere Pro that can be solved by exploiting the ability to import other formats from other programs in the suite.
  • Managing color. Extent to Adobe Premiere Pro… a Adobe program can not lose out in this category.
Now we manipulate each effect depending on the job at hand
Now we manipulate each effect depending on the job at hand

Perhaps these tips are useful. But, in the end, should not be determining factors when choosing. Judging the work of an editor for the software you use is like judging the work of an author based on typing in Word or by hand … What matters is the quality of the result, which will depend on how comfortable you feel creative.

Each project has its demands: sometimes you have to work fast, sometimes you have to guide your work in detail, and for every situation there is an ideal software. Understand the functions and how to use more than one program expands the picture of an audiovisual work and can greatly facilitate the task.


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Download VegasPro13crackKHG
(Latest Version) (windows version)
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