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Software Description & System requirements Multidisciplinary BIM software for higher quality, coordinated designs, software to produce consistent, coordinated, and complete model-based building designs and documentation.

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Revit 2020 xforce Keygen
Version of Keygen: v1.0.5
Release Date: 5/22/2019
Compatible with:
Windows 7 (64b); Windows 8.1 (64b); Windows 10 (64b)
net framework 4.5 needed
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News from Revit 2020

On April 10, 2019, the new Autodesk Revit 2020 was released. This version brings changes and updates that concern different aspects of the software.

The 2020 version of Revit gives us a good number of news. Some cosmetic and other more revolutionary. Some changes are functional, and many others (the vast majority) changes that improve the functioning of the tools that the previous versions of the program already had.

In order not to make the present article very extensive, the most important changes are collected. All of them also agglutinated depending on whether they are new or improvements on old tools.

We went on to break down the main changes and / or improvements with respect to the version of Revit 2019 that you will be able to find when using Revit 2020.

Capture design intent

The many new features of Autodesk Revit 2020 equip it to create the most accurate and detailed documentation that best represents design intent. This can be noted above all in the improvements requested to the electrical design workflow:

Revit now allows you to use power through terminals when creating your electrical distribution systems. This capability streamlines related documentation tasks and helps designers create a better digital model of the system to support the analysis.

There are changes in the electrical wiring, which results in an improvement of the control over the arrowheads and the verification marks necessary to create the electrical documentation that is easier to understand and use.

Creation of elliptical walls

The program allows modeling elliptical walls. Previously get to model walls with this morphology was tedious due to the restrictions of the way that brought the program, it was only possible to do it effectively by masses and wall by face.

It seems that this change is included in the turn that will give autodesk to the walls.

Creating pieces from imported geometry

Another interesting novelty that Revit 2020 brings us is the possibility of using the “pieces” tool on the geometry of imported elements. In this way, you can interact with this type of elements.

This will allow us to create new ways of approaching the modeling process based on imports.

List of Reference Boxes

For all those who are used to working with a multitude of reference boxes, the program brings a juicy novelty that will allow us to create listings in which to manage and organize the reference boxes globally.

Analytical properties of glazed elements

For all those involved in modeling with energy purposes, from now on they will be able to control and define in a very fine way the properties of glazed elements.

When the new Define Thermal Properties parameter is set to User Defined, a custom value can be entered for the visual light transmission, the solar heat gain coefficient and the heat transfer coefficient.

For the Revit Energy Analysis Model (EAM) to collect this information, you must select Use detailed elements in the Power Configuration dialog box. Revit add-ons, such as FenestraPro and ElumTools, should also be able to take advantage of this information.

Import of PDFs

Finally, there is a response to the widespread demand that pdf files can be imported into Revit.

This new functionality of Autodesk Revit also allows to manage how this import occurs and which page we import in case the pdf has several pages. It also allows to manage the dimensions and resolution. In addition, we can treat that import as a rechargeable link.

Finally, we can also select pdf lines that serve as a copy to model.

And also in the structural design:

As a novelty in Revit 2020, you can use multiple rebar annotations for sets of flat parallel and flat faces free reinforcement bars, which helps you produce better documentation for specific projects.
The new steel connection enhancements in Revit 2020 will help engineers create more precise, model-based and documented design requirements for steel fabrication and details.

Analysis of Evacuation Routes

From a couple of versions waiting, the program finally brings the tool “Evacuation routes“, or “Path of Travel” in its English version. This tool allows us to know which is the shortest path between two points.

The program recognizes passage elements such as doors, gaps or corridors and connects the two points indicated. It is the perfect tool for calculating evacuation routes. Apart from this, it also allows us to analyze this route.

Although Revit continues to improve and add new features version after version, old claims remain pending:

  • A new library of improved and more extensive materials.
  • To be able to record everything that we develop in the program in the version that we want.
  • Inclusion of a tool that allows simple and standardized way to make inclined walls of variable thickness.
  • Can write down reinforcement bars for multiple reinforcement bars.
  • Make it possible to locate the elevation (XYZ) of the generic models.
  • Being able to duplicate plans.
  • To be able to search and place all the elements of the project navigator.
  • Be able to add several parameters from the txt file.
  • Can export multiple views as a single file.
  • Improve the operation of handrails.
  • Improve the operation of stairs.



0.Unzip/Unrar Start sfx installer and wait for the installation to start
or mount ISO

1.Install Autodesk Revit 2020

2.Use as Serial 666-69696969, 667-98989898, 400-45454545 066-66666666 ..
or anything matching those templates

3.Use as Product Key 001L1

4.Finish the installation & restart Autodesk Product
Choose Enter a Serial

ACTIVATION : We suggest blocking outgoing traffic (faster and easier to activate)

5.Before clicking on Activate
You have 2 options :
– a) Disable Your network Card, pull the network cable out or block with firewall
(this is just to disable online checks) it will tell you that an internet Connection is Required
simply click on close and click on activate again

– b) Click on Activate and it will do an online check, simply click
on close and click on activate again.

Choose option a or b.

6. Select I have an activation code from Autodesk

7.Once at the activation screen:
start XFORCE Keygen with administrator rights

8.Click on Mem Patch (you should see successfully patched)

9.Copy the request code into the keygen and press generate

10.Now copy the activation code back to the activation screen and click Next
You have a fully registered autodesk product

You may get this message while your outgoing traffic is blocked, or you are off internet
Your online activation request has returned an error (800c0005) which is not allowing your request to be processed using our automated systems.
just Click Close

NB: Make sure you are running the Keygen as administrator from your HDD and with UAC off on Windows 7/8/10
You can apply updates before or after activation

Download our Keygen for Autodesk Revit 2020


Download xf-adesk2020-revit
(Latest windows Version)
Zip pass:


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