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New version of Recap Pro 2021

ReCap is a smart application to create 3D models (BIM, AEC, MCAD) from information either scanned or captured from photos. Now engineers do not need to start from scratch, if you have this type of point cloud information you can take advantage of it to make preliminary traces on your model and thus begin documenting the design process including this information.

The application itself is called Autodesk ReCap Studio and it is the one that allows you to clean, organize and visualize the massive data sets of the point cloud. An additional module is Autodesk ReCap Photo, it is the one that allows you to create high-resolution 3D models from photographs using the power of cloud computing, Autodesk ReCap Photo will be available from April 2013.

Autodesk ReCap stands for “Reality Capture” and is a program for working with native point clouds from laser scans.

Laser scanning is a method of using a projected laser to create virtual representations of any existing space or object using a collection of “points” that have a distance and elevation from the laser itself. Each scan creates thousands of points (i.e. a point cloud) and those points can be viewed as a simplified model of the scanned items. Think of it like sonar, or echolocation, but using light to outline physical objects instead of sounds.

Technological advances

The technology has been around for a while, but it is advancing at a tremendous rate. Concepts such as mobile cartography (vehicle-mounted laser) and great advances in the precision of aerial and ground scanning equipment and techniques have brought this technology to widespread use.

It is not uncommon for a single-zone scan, for example, a block or an airport terminal, to contain billions of data points. The files are huge and have always needed specialized software to view, manipulate and edit the clouds.

Autodesk ReCap

Autodesk ReCap software is an easy-to-use package that allows you to directly open point cloud files and, with the help of a few customizable import settings, filter the data you don’t need and work with your files in a more manageable size. Also, since points are generated using a native Autodesk product, points can be extracted or imported to all other Autodesk products. You can use the ReCap point file to clean up a scan of an existing building, and then import it into Revit to start an accurate 3D BIM design where you can be sure there are no conflicts with existing elements. You can also import a cleaned up ReCap cloud into Civil 3D and use the data from the point cloud to generate surfaces, etc. for the conditions of your existing site with a level of precision you’ve never seen before and in minutes.

The technology also lends itself easily to the mechanical and manufacturing industries. You can capture the reality of any existing part, such as a pipe collar you need to connect to but have no design parameters for. With this technology, you can overlay your new part to match size, bolt hole placement, etc. with exact tolerances, all in a few clicks.


ReCap software is easy to use. Choose a point file to import and it will be added to a new ReCap project. The project structure allows you to divide your scan into manageable pieces and work only with the data you need at any given time. So if you had a full scan of a city block, you could split the data into specific days of data scanning or even by object types, like buildings in one set and trees in another.

After selecting the files you want to import into the project, apply filters to the data. Filters allow you to set external limits to your data, so if you only want a specific area of ​​the scan to be entered, just choose a limit that ends close to it and everything outside the box won’t be imported. ReCap will also allow you to apply “noise filters” that will allow you to eliminate stray shots that may have been detected by the scanner.

After your data is in ReCap, you can start selecting what you want to clean, view, modify, etc. using simple selection tools such as windows, color-based selection, and even planar selection. This last tool is especially useful when working with structures such as buildings and roads. By simply clicking on the Planar Selection icon and selecting some points on the screen, the software will select all the points on that plane (i.e. a wall) and filter all the others so that you can work only with the specific data you want.

If your company has any of the Autodesk Design Suites, ReCap is a standard program for all of them: Construction, Infrastructure, Product – it doesn’t matter. Chances are, you already have ReCap installed on your system.

Download our Keygen for Autodesk Recap Pro and ReCap Photo 2021


Download recap-2021v1.3.3-xf-WIN
(Latest Win 10 Version)
Zip pass:


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