Media Composer Ultimate 2021 Crack and Keygen [Win 7,Win 8/8.1,Win 10 64b) Mac OS X 10] *Updated 2021*

We just finished our crack for Avid Media Composer 2021 (It works with any 2020, 2021 version, First, Normal or Ultimate), another work made by our amazing guys.

This crack is ONLY for Windows and has to work with all trial versions. If you find any problems, please leave us a comment with your Windows version.

Software Description & System requirements


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Download composer-2020-2021-xf-v1.2.4Mac
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Media Composer 2021 xforce Keygen
Version of Keygen: v1.2.4
Release Date: 6/30/2020
Compatible with:
Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8/8.1 64-bit or Windows 10 64-bit
Mac OS X 10.x
net framework 4.5 needed
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What is Media Composer?

Avid Media Composer software is one of the most stable systems that exist for the mounting of audiovisual projects. With advanced editing tools, this program is designed to be able to add to your assemblies as many layers of work as it requires and without making its reproduction worse.

Axle ai launches remote work solution for Avid Media Composer

The new Pro option enables Avid publishers to tag, search, and transcribe in a browser remotely and in a collaborative environment.

Axle ai launches a new Pro option for its Axle ai 2020 software that supports Avid’s professional Media Composer editing software. With the new axle ai 2020 Pro module, Avid publishers now have the powerful new ability to access both Avid native media and a wide range of other media remotely via any standard web browser.

This type of collaborative workflow has quickly taken over from traditional face-to-face workplaces since the advent of COVID-19, and is likely to remain a fixture in the advancement of the industry. Axle ai 2020 already provides workflows for Adobe’s Premiere Pro CC app and Apple’s Final Cut Pro X.

In addition to natively cataloging and rendering the Op-Atom media, Axle ai 2020 Pro also includes the ability to export AAF sequence files to the Media Composer editor, so that subclip collections from within axle ai can be placed directly into the Media Composer timeline. Additionally, the software creates MXF Op-Atom media low resolution H.264 proxies that can be processed by a range of available AI analytics engines that are compatible with Axle AI 2020, including the Axis own voice cloud service and third-party artificial intelligence services such as the Microsoft Video Indexer (for face recognition, object recognition, and on-screen character recognition) and the Speechmatics transcription engine.

Sam Bogoch, CEO of Axle ai, highlights that “it has always been our mission to bring the power of remote video search, collaboration and transcription to an ever-expanding group of creative teams. Avid Media Composer software is a flagship solution widely used by major Hollywood publishers, as well as by the broadcast industry in general. We are delighted to introduce support for this application and its file formats and workflows »The software works with Avid’s Nexis shared storage systems as well as a wide range of third-party NAS and SAN storage. It also includes built-in upload and download capabilities to move large media files to and from remote locations. ”

Gerry Field, vice president of technology for American Public Television, says, “Axle made it possible for a system to scale appropriately for what we need, and for the resources we have. The two equal parts are cost and complexity. There are many asset management products on the market that, particularly for my needs, are tremendously oversized. We needed something that could be easily installed and that would give us quick access to the content we need to see. Plus, we were able to get it up and running in just three days. ”

Finally, it should be noted that Axle ai systems have been installed in more than 600 post-production teams worldwide, including dozens of prominent national and regional broadcasters.

Download our Keygen for Media Composer 2021 or 2020


Download composer-2020-2021-xf-v1.2.4WIN
(Win 7,Win 8/8.1,Win 10 Version)
Zip pass:


Download composer-2020-2021-xf-v1.2.4Mac
(Mac OS X 10.4 or later Version)
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