Maya 2020 Xforce Keygen Activator [Win 10, 8 & 7] *Updated 2021*

We just finished our crack for the new Autodesk Maya 2020, a great work of Xforce.

This crack is ONLY for Windows and has to work with all trial versions. If you find any problems, please leave us a comment with your Windows version.

Software Description & System requirements When it comes to animations and 3D modeling, Maya is the option chosen by designers and filmmakers. It requires only one computer to implement the use of this software.


Download xf-maya2020
(Windows Version)
Zip pass:


Maya 2020 xforce Keygen
Version of Keygen: v1.1.2
Release Date: 5/25/2019
Compatible with:
Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 with update KB4019990 (64 bits only).
Microsoft Windows 8.1 with the update KB2919355 (only 64 bits).
Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit only) (version 1803 or higher).
net framework 4.5 needed
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The 3D software favorite of the film industry

Thanks to new technologies, the cinema can explore possibilities unthinkable a few years ago.
Aspiring to develop in the cinematographic world must know the main tools that are used in the area.

At the national level, there are some institutions that offer academic options to manage such software.

New technologies have changed everything in their path, from more visible to less thoughtful areas. And with that, they have allowed advances in different professions, especially those related to the field of design and creativity.

A clear example of this is what happens in the world of cinema. A few decades ago, the filmmakers began experimenting with new shots and effects that would give their productions an original touch. Currently, these possibilities have been taken to the extreme due to the development of tools and software specific to the area.

Nowadays, filmmakers can create an entire movie using nothing more and nothing less than a computer. They can also recreate all kinds of protagonists and contexts using technologies such as 3D modeling or 3D design.

And when it comes to animation, the chosen option is unquestionable for professionals in the sector: Autodesk Maya.

This is a computer program that allows the development of 3D graphics, the creation of special effects and animated objects through the use of a computer.

Its use is increasingly widespread in the film industry, due to the great capabilities it offers when creating and customizing processes. For this reason, he has been awarded with an Oscar as the visual effects tool capable of completely revolutionizing the world of cinema.

Learn to use it

In the digital age there are different ways to learn how to use this software. Which will be ideal for students who aspire to make a career in the world of cinema.

A good option to achieve this is to opt for online video tutorials and tutorials. In fact, the channel of Autodesk on YouTube has a wide list of informative videos in which it is taught to use the different functionalities of this software and even videos in which experts in its use teach tips to get more out of it.

In addition, it is possible to opt for traditional courses at local and international academic institutions.



0.Unzip/Unrar Start sfx installer and wait for the installation to start
or mount ISO

1.Install Maya 2020

2.Use as Serial 666-69696969, 667-98989898, 400-45454545 066-66666666 ..
or anything matching those templates

3.Search the Product Key in the txt file

4.Finish the installation & restart Autodesk Product
Choose Enter a Serial

ACTIVATION : We suggest blocking outgoing traffic (faster and easier to activate)

5.Before clicking on Activate
You have 2 options :
– a) Disable Your network Card, pull the network cable out or block with firewall
(this is just to disable online checks) it will tell you that an internet Connection is Required
simply click on close and click on activate again

– b) Click on Activate and it will do an online check, simply click
on close and click on activate again.

Choose option a or b.

6. Select I have an activation code from Autodesk

7.Once at the activation screen:
start XFORCE Keygen with administrator rights

8.Click on Mem Patch (you should see successfully patched)

9.Copy the request code into the keygen and press generate

10.Now copy the activation code back to the activation screen and click Next
You have a fully registered autodesk product

You may get this message while your outgoing traffic is blocked, or you are off internet
Your online activation request has returned an error (800c0005) which is not allowing your request to be processed using our automated systems.
just Click Close

NB: Make sure you are running the Keygen as administrator from your HDD and with UAC off on Windows 7/8/10
You can apply updates before or after activation

Download our Keygen for Maya 2020


Download xf-maya2020
(Windows Version)
Zip pass:


We believe that cracking and sharing softwares is something great and needed, but please never forget to support his creators. If you can afford the product PLEASE buy it =)


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