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What is new in this 2019 version?

In this post we will see the different options to learn how to use this 3d software, the most used 3D modeling software on the market.

Autodesk Maya is a software developed by Autodesk, its main function is that of 3D modeling, rendering and animation, although it also allows the creation of special effects and simulations of clothes, hair, fluids … PC and Mac versions are available. These are the system requirements.

It is a very powerful program and widely used in architectural blots that can be used in 3D, its use is very varied between different, in fact, it is the simplest 3D software. film industry (he is awarded an Oscar).

Learning to use this program is a professional advantage in order to improve the results of your graphic products (infographics, graphics, panels, advertising …) as well as being a requested program in many job offers. From here we propose three ways so you can learn to work with Maya, but before you should have the latest version of the program, you can find a trial version at this following link.

1. Video tutorials

Self-taught, learning from scratch by yourself through this tutorial in German. The tutorial starts from scratch, so it is a good starting point to start and from that point keep moving at home.

2. Autodesk Maya Manual

A good way to learn how to use this software is to acquire a user manual, the great advantage is that you can consult it whenever you need it and you can go step by step through the book, discovering all the functions offered by the program. We have compiled these manuals that may be of your interest:

3. Official training

Undoubtedly, the best option to acquire a professional management through official training courses that also prove your knowledge at the end. We have compiled this online course, very complete at a very good price:

We hope this information is useful for you to learn how to use this program, if you have any problem with a link, leave it in the comments.

New animation workflow

Autodesk includes among its educational offer, training in one of the most used computer programs, this 2019 release has various tools for modeling, animation and rendering. A versatility that has earned him the quintessential program of the film industry. In addition, the use of this program has been extrapolated to other disciplines such as architecture, graphic design or advertising.

The current society is eminently visual, an important weight is given to images and videos. Digital tools that facilitate the visualization and modeling of ideas have become indispensable for professionals from multiple disciplines. Clearly, it does not have the same result to explain an idea that supports this with visual material since the client conceptualizes in a better way what is being exposed to him.

On the other hand, although in relation to the previous thing, the technological advances have impelled great changes to the cinematographic industry, allowing to harness the quality of their audio-visual products and their capacity to surprise the great public. So much so that specific terms have been coined to mention such changes (digital cinema, dynamic cinema, interactive, etc.). Similar circumstance is experienced in the production of content for television, videogames or in web design.

One of the most widespread computer programs associated with this visual revolution of the 2019 version. This software allows to perform activities of animation, modeling, simulation and 3D rendering, providing a powerful integrated set of tools. It can be used for animation, environment generation, motion graphics, virtual reality and character creation.

The company Euroinnova, dedicated to the online training sector, has developed an interesting course in 3D Modeling and Animation with Maya 2019. It is worth highlighting this course, mainly, focusing on the work of the set, the polygons, surfaces and curves, work with objects and their modeling or the use of layers and alignments.

However, Euroinnova has a wide range of online courses that deal with innovative topics and high demand in the current market. In addition, the curriculum development is carried out by specialized professionals in different areas.

A 3d modeling application for Android?

Although you may not believe it, the famous 3D software company Autodesk, has just released the new application, so far only for Android, called 123D Sculpt, which will help you to create your 3D models, design what you design.

The tool that allows the creation of any 3D figure

This innovation gives much to talk about since it is designed to work through touch mobile devices, which in these times is the reality of many designers and animators who work almost all the time with their tablets or cell phones. With this new tool, users will be able to create their models in a simple way, as well as having the advantage of being able to use them anywhere.

Among what you can do with this new application is to add various textures, this even in the case of the skin, as well as different elements such as fur. As if this were not enough, at the end of your creation you can export it in a format that you can use with other modeling programs, such as 3D Max or Maya, softwares that are also from Autodesk; You can even use a 3D printer if you want to give more life to your character or object.

You will find interesting the series of elements that will help you in the creation of your ideas. If what you are looking for is to create a human model, you will be surprised to find a skeleton to make it easier to carry it out. You will also find all kinds of vehicles, obtaining even spacecraft that make your modeling more fun.

If you already convinced the application, it will be even more pleasant to know that you find it totally free from the Google Play Store, all you need is an Android system higher than 4.2. Its operation will depend on each device, since at the time of performing the most complex functions it will look a little slower. In any case, it is a great application that will help many of us.


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