Final Cut Pro X v10.3.4 Final Patched [Mac OSX] *Updated 2021*

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If you don’t know what are the news of this Pro X version you can read the next article =) , if you want, or just download the program and that’s it =)


HDR in Final Cut Pro X

There is no doubt that high dynamic range video, known as HDR, is here to stay. The audiovisual industry is betting on this new technology. All those involved, from the capture of the image to the final view of the viewer, through the different processes of post-production.

The difference in light and color with respect to the image in SDR (standard dynamic range) is very noticeable when you have a compatible screen and little by little it is being implemented and incorporated into rooms, houses and pockets of viewers You just have to shop around the electronics section of any large area to see most of the televisions on sale today in HDR. Without going any further, the iPhone X and iPad Pro are already capable of playing HDR video thanks to their bright screens, as well as smartphones like other Galaxy S8, Sony Xperia XZ2 and more.

Platforms like Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Prime or YouTube offer more and more HDR content and those who try it repeat because “there is no color” with respect to the content in traditional SDR.

How to get the most out of Apple’s video editor

Final Cut Pro X have nothing to envy to Adobe Premiere or similar. It is true that there will always be preferences among users who decide to bet on one or another application. But if you have decided to use Apple’s professional video editor, here is a list of tools and plugins with which to vitamin the software to get the most out of it.

Tutorials and tricks to squeeze the ultimate Final Cut.

When you start using an application there are several things that come great. The first, a manual or index that allows you to have a rough idea of ​​everything the application is capable of doing.

Unable to match existing support and material for Adobe Premiere, the number of plugins, templates and more tools for Final Cut Pro grows.

In the case of this version there is a resource that we all must have well controlled: the Final Cut Pro support website. There Apple not only publishes the news of each new version, but also links to training resources, books and articles that we They will help solve common problems that may arise.

Some of the most interesting and I recommend browsing are the following:

In the previous links you will find useful information to start using the application, to solve some of the most common problems or even ask the rest of the community in case of doubts or anything else that comes to mind.

If you want to go deeper and you like to do it with a guide ahead, the official books that are used for the training certified by Apple can be found in Peachpit. They are in English, Anaya has published some of these books in other languajes but if you have an idea of ​​those languages I recommend you to acquire them in English.

Additionally, I leave three Youtube channels where they usually publish content related to Final Cut Pro. From training courses to tutorials to do certain things, create transitions, imitate the editing style of youtubers, etc.

Final Cut Pro X is, without a doubt, a revolutionary application that you can create, edit and produce video of maximum quality. Here the high-performance digital edition is combined, with native support in which you can edit almost any video format, with a series of simple functions to use and that also save time, so you can focus on the argument.

Learn about some of the operations you can do with Final Cut Pro

You can edit anything, in the main formats of professional cameras.

Able to play the content in high definition with a resolution of 6K RED. It includes all the main professional camera formats.
Easily mount the clips online. You can also fluidly adjust the clips around the clip that drags them, eliminating separations, collisions and other synchronization problems.
Organization of clips in audio lines according to the functions in a single click. This is quite convenient and you can organize the clips in a visual way, with a series of reference points that make it possible to edit efficiently and easily.

The edition is fast by the complete set of professional tools of clipping and editing.

Final Cut Pro analyzes your video and problems that usually occur, such as camera shake, hum or excessive noise. In the same way you can detect the presence of people or a type of plane where keywords are applied automatically.

  1. You can try project clips using auditions and then selecting the best clip for the edition you are going to make.
  2. Organize the contents using collections based on keywords.
  3. Creation of composite clips with which you can group any kind of combination of them and even nest them within other clips.

You can use connected clips and arguments to add cutting planes, sound effects to the project or overlapping titles. These connected clips and the arguments are always synchronized.

Publication of the project directly on websites such as YouTube and Facebook, sending it to iTunes so that it synchronizes with Apple devices, iPhone, iPad and Apple TV cases.

These are just some of the operations you can do with a program that is certainly among the best if you really want to achieve professional results. A good choice and quite reliable, since Final Cut has been a favorite for users for many years.


Download Final Cut Pro X cracked


Download FinalCutProX10.0.8
(Latest cracked version)
Zip Pass:


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