Corel WordPerfect Office X9 Keygen xforce [Win 10, 8.1 & 7sp1] *Updated 2021*

We just finished our Keygen for Corel WordPerfect Office X9, another work made by our amazing guys. Its not tested in every sistem, so we’ll be very grateful to receive your feedback.

The crack works with the trial version. If you find any problems, please leave us a comment with your Windows version.


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Corel WordPerfect Office X9 Crack & Keygen
Version of Keygen: v1.0.4
Release Date: 12/14/2018
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Win 10, Win 8.1, or Win 7 SP1, in 32-bit or 64-bit, all with latest Updates and Service Pack.
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What is new in this x9 version?

WordPerfect is a word processing program that has existed since 1980, when personal computers were in their infancy. Today developed by Corel, this Text processing replaced typewriters as the main means of creating business documents. Wang was an early processing application that was one of the first to use data storage to allow the typist to remember the original document without having to retype it, but it also had to be used on Wang’s computers. WordPerfect was the first processor of texts that did not require proprietary hardware to work on any PC; with a compatible operating system was enough.


WordPerfect was the pioneer that led us to word processing as we know it now. It was the first word processor that allowed you to see how your document would look when printed, allowing you to see the effect that a margin change would have, using the “Insert” key to insert data instead of having to insert them in a certain place in the document and overwrite everything after it.

Time frame

WordPerfect was developed by Satellite Software International in 1980. At that time there were six employees and sales of US $ 20,000 per month. Eleven years later, it had 4,000 employees and sales of more than half a billion dollars. It was the first level text processor and the standard in the industry.


WordPerfect was originally designed for General Data computers. Next, it was expanded to include companies running on Data General computers. In 1980, SSI was designing a version of WordPerfect to run a RDOS, which was then a new operating system that eventually reached DOS. The success of SSI is that it could launch a word processor to run on General Data computers for US $ 10,000 less than what a company would spend on a word processor that would only work on a word processing machine.


By the mid-1980s, the WordPerfect product of SSI was operating in several countries and the company had really become international. WordPerfect was also programmed in several different languages.


When IBM launched the first personal computer, software companies were struggling to come up with a word processor for the new technology. WordStar came out in the middle of 1982 and in a few months they had 75 percent market share. Three short months after WordPerfect was launched, it had sales of more than 1 million dollars. Within five years, WordPerfect would regain market share.

Microsoft Office or Corel WordPerfect

The Reveal WordPerfect codes feature gives you precise control over the format of your document.

If you are tired of waiting for the announced Microsoft Office, consider the following: feature by feature and dollar for dollar, the Corel WordPerfect Office X9 Standard (US $ 300) is imposed on Microsoft Office Standard (US $ 400) in all categories.

The five main applications – WordPerfect, Quattro Pro, Presentations, Mail and Presentations Graphics – are top-notch. The package is headed by the word processor WordPerfect. For many WordPerfect users, this has a feature that elevates the program far above Word and all other word processors: Reveal codes. This option of the View menu opens a panel in the base of the screen where the format codes of the document are displayed. For a more precise control over the appearance and content of a file, there is nothing better.

Equally noteworthy is the WordPerfect e-mail program, which used to be the Bloomba mail client from Stata Labs. The application has a search function that neither Outlook nor any other e-mail program can overcome. A second new addition to the set is Presentation Graphics (previously part of Presentations). Although it is very basic, it is a good addition, with tools to edit images and to create customizable designs.

The set has some annoying elements (for example, a fussy InstallShield Update Manager that always stays active in the system tray). Apart from these minor irritations, I believe that those who use their PC for business tasks can perfectly find here everything they need.



 How to use the Keygen

It’s very simple, just follow the images and common sense.

1) Disable your internet connection.

2) Install The App and Open it.

3) Select “Already Purchase?” and Use the keygen to geneate your serial (dont close keygen)

4) Select Contact Corel and Enter Installation Code to the keygen

5) Use the keygen to generate the Activation Code and press Continue

6) Enable your internet connection back again.

7) Enjoy This Release!!

*Images are attached along with keygen to simplify activation procedure.

Note: Functionality of the keygen is internally tested and the results are healthy. Any detections would be false positive. If your antivirus don’t like it, it’s your decision what to choose!!

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Download WPOfficeX9-KG-XF
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  1. I downloaded your torrent for Corel Wordperfect office 2020 on both thepiretbay and 1337X. The keygen works fine; but there is not file to download the actual program. I shut off my internet and my firewall first. can you please help me figure out what is going on? I currently have X9 form you guys and it works like a charm. I would just like to upgrade now that the newer version is out.

  2. I can’t find a keygen for Wordperfect 2020.
    There is a patch but antivirus removes it constantly. Then Quattro pro doesn’t work anymore.
    Exclude this file,qpw200.dll, for antivirus, I can’t manage.
    BTW the password for the patch is SamuRa1


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