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Corel VideoStudio Ultimate 2019 Crack & Keygen
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What’s new in the software for editing videos Corel Video Studio Ultimate

A good software to edit videos is essential if your intention is to create videos in 3D, 4K, virtual reality or any other format. Corel Video Studio Ultimate is a program to make videos that performs very well and is one of the few that can work with virtual reality in 360 degrees. It is also very well equipped with tools such as movement tracking in multiple points, multi-camera editing, time reassignment, audio reduction, 4K support, among others. This is all the new features of the latest update of this software for video editing enthusiasts.

What is it about?

VideoStudio is a software to edit videos that already has more than a decade in the market. It is a powerful and at the same time easy to use program for video editing. It has all the necessary standard tools, such as timeline, transitions, image in image (PiP), sound editing, among others. Corel also produces Pinnacle Studio, aimed at an audience of users of a more professional level.

The newest tools of the 2019 version include gradation or advanced color correction, text masking, seamless or seamless transitions, dynamic divided screens, plus 360 degree effects, among others. But let’s talk about them more closely.

What’s new in Corel Video Studio Ultimate

  • Color correction. This program for making videos has recently added new color correction tools that allow you to adjust colors using HSL controls, tone curves and look-up tables (LUT).
  • Personalized transitions. Seamless transitions and Morph transitions are popular techniques in online video editing today. The new 2019 release tools allow you to create turns, approaches and other transitions between clips.
  • Split screen. The software interface can show multiple intersections of the video and allows you to move them using keyframes. It has predesigned templates or you can create your own custom templates.
  • MultiCam Capture Lite. This is something that will attract YouTubers and Instagramers. It is a tool that allows you to record the screen of the PC and at the same time take the image of the webcam. This is a very popular technique for making tutorials or video games.

360 degree video effects. The program to make videos now has two new effects: Tiny Planet and Rabbit Hole. You can use keyframes to move from one effect to another.

Improved masking Now the masking tool includes text masking and feather settings. You can save masks for later use and can build your own PC Gamer or choose from our customized Workstations for video editing, animation, design, architecture, engineering, sound editing and much more.

The Corel VideoStudio editing software for Windows only comes in two versions, Ultimate and Pro. The features are mostly similar, Ultimate offers more effects, filters and transitions (2,000 instead of 1,500) and DVD templates (100+) vs 50+). It also includes some compositional features that some editors might be tempted to create, such as creating video masks, split screen templates, a 3D title editor, the ability to handle editing of multiple cameras with 6 instead of 4 cameras, and support for the MXF Video format.

As a result, this review will look for the Ultimate version, but it should make sense for the most part for anyone thinking of acquiring Pro instead.

Importing footage

Being able to add media to your project is quite crucial for a video editing application, and VideoStudio does a good job at this. You can open an import window to add clips, photos and audio files to the Media Panel of your project (it seems that you can not import directly from a camera), but the most useful way is to simply drag the file you want to use from where You have saved it on your hard drive, directly on the timeline of your project.

In addition to being able to capture video from a webcam or other compatible camera directly in your project, an excellent feature is the ability to record the screen of your computer through the Capture section. Record your screen at 30 fps, and once you’re done, everything is sent to the media panel of your project. Then you are free to edit it as you see fit.

Effects and transitions.

A feature that we liked a lot was the ability to alter the speed of a clip by modifying its length directly in the timeline by simply holding down the Shift key and dragging its edges. This works very well and allows you to reprogram a clip to suit the exact duration you need easily.

The viewer window also has some good tricks: you can change the size of the clips, skew them, cut them and move them directly from there. There are even Smart Guide Alignments to make it easier to place a clip in the center and an aspect ratio button to resize a clip or photo with the click of a menu. These are all useful tools to save time.

Any change you want to apply to a clip can be made through the Options Panel. This is where you can apply some color correction or change some of the basic parameters, such as creating a tray. Zoom effect through your photo or video. This is also the place where you can find all the effects you have added to a clip. By default, you can only add one at a time, but a simple deselection will allow you to enter as many as you want.

If you work with cameras with fisheye lenses, you will definitely appreciate the lens correction tools. It has presets for a list of GoPro cameras, but VisualStudio also offers you the possibility to change the parameters yourself to achieve the perfect result.

As for the effects, along with the transitions, titles, etc., all can be found in the Media Panel. If the tool in question includes an animation, your thumbnail will give you a quick preview of how it will look. Although this sounds like a great idea, as soon as an effects tab is selected, all the presets contained in it will start their animation, and after a while this can be quite distracting.


The main editing section is where you will spend most of your work. It is divided into four parts: at the top of the screen are the Viewer window, the Library Panel (where you can access your media and the effects you would like to apply to your video) and the Options Panel (where you can adjust several parameters, depending on what is selected in your timeline).

Speaking of the timeline, this is where you add media to your project and build your video. The appearance of the interface looks clean but outdated, something that would not look out of place in the 1990s. You can change the timeline between two modes: “Storyboard”, where each clip is represented by a square icon large, regardless of its length. Although it is good for beginners, the other view in more traditional mode should be its interface option, whose main advantage is that it can work with several tracks.

The video track is your main track. You are not allowed to have any empty space, so if you delete a clip, any remaining footage on the right will move to the left until the space created by the deleted clip disappears. This is a good way to build a quick edit. Unfortunately, veteran editors may overlook some traditional keyboard shortcuts, such as setting entry and exit points or scrolling through the JKL keys.

One thing that takes a while to get used to if you’re used to editing videos with other software packages is the fact that the layer concept is reversed. In general, the layers reflect how the real world works: place one piece of paper on top of another and you can no longer see the sheet below. Therefore, normally, if you place a video clip on a track above the current one, it will hide the first clip. In VisualStudio, it is the opposite: the top track is the main video track, and to place a clip on it, you must add it to the track below the main one. It can be confusing, especially at the beginning, but eventually you get used to it.

How to use the Keygen

It’s very simple, just follow the images and common sense.

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  2. hi thanks for your great word,but it seems the tools didnt word well on the latested version Corel VideoStudio 2019(22.3),I have successfully patched,but i open application,a box appeared:You do not appear to be a register user. Please re-install the application or call customer support with error 1011…it not word,please fixit

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