Corel Painter 2019 keygen and crack [Win 10, 8 & 7]

Is now available the keygen for the new Corel Painter 2019, a great work of Xforce group.

This keygen works only on Windows (7, 8, 10) and works with his trial version. If you find any problems, please leave us a comment with your Windows version.

Software Description & System Requeriments.

Corel Painter is the leader program in digital art and painting, perfect to imitate the traditional painting techniques in the digital realm. If you want to start in the digital art world you have to try this program developed by Corel.


Download Painter-2019-kg-v101
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Corel Painter 2019 Keygen
Version of Keygen: v1.0.1
Release Date: 8/8/2018
Compatible with: Windows 10, 8, 7.
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The best painting software

Professional illustrators and traditional artists are increasingly aware of the enormous advantages of creating art and illustrations with digital media (infinite undo options, coloring with hundreds of color palettes, reusing created works of art, etc.)

Painter 2019 tools
Painter 2019 tools

If there is a program capable of imitating perfectly the traditional techniques of painting in the digital field, that is undoubtedly Corel PAINTER, now in its version 2019, the favorite digital painting program among professional designers and illustrators around the world for their hundreds of brushes, paper textures and media that perfectly emulate the artistic materials, textures and pictorial techniques of the real world.

Painter 2019 brushes
Painter 2019 brushes

Corel Corporation has just announced a new version called Corel PAINTER 2019, its slogan “Create the masterpiece of definitive digital art” reflects very well what you can get to create with the novelties of this version, among which the textures brushes 2.5 D, the new dark interface, composition tools, mirror painting, or the significant improvements in performance.

A little overpriced

The full version of Painter 2019 is priced at 429 USD (VAT included) and supports 64 native bits on both the Mac and Windows platforms.

Visit, we recommend you download the 30-day evaluation version to test the creative power of Corel PAINTER 2019.

Painter 2019 will delight the most demanding digital artists, the only bad thing about the program is that the program is in English and there will be no version available in another language, but if the English language is not a problem for you we recommend that you read in the official page all that Corel Painter can do for your artist’s soul.

Corel Painter 2019 new layout
Corel Painter 2019 new layout

The Tracker palette

The Tracker palette temporarily stores the categories of brushes with the selected variant. The brushes are placed in the tracker as they are used, so if they are modified in the beginning they are modified in the Tracker, noticing that changing the parameters every time we use them again. Up to 25 variants.

We can resize the window to show more or less stored styles, by clicking on the lower right corner of the palette and dragging. It can be displayed as a list, thumbnail or stroke. We can delete a variant in Clear Selected in Clear All.

Painter 2019 art
Painter 2019 art

Save a variant in Save Variant Lock it so that it does not delete it by mistake in LockVariant. Once the variant is marked, click on the button located in the lower left part of the window. The Tracker stores each brush or tool with any variation that we apply in the options of the Brush Creator or creator of styles.

Corel Painter 2019 New workflow
Corel Painter 2019 New workflow

This version offers us much more speed, improvements in the mixing palette, the possibility of creating your own pictures starting from a photograph with the tools Underpaintings, Auto-Painting, new rules, composition options, guides, personalization of the workspace and Exclusive digital brushes that surprise for their realism.

RealBristle paint system

The new RealBristle paint system, reproduces the natural movement of the traditional brushes. All those that use traditional painting, we support ourselves with different dry brushes for achievers and textures. This is the new tool that Corel Painter has managed to emulate perfectly. Corel Painter X is thought not only for painters, photographers, designers, publicists, architects, all those who want to give an artistic and different touch to their work.

Corel Painter 2019
Corel Painter 2019

The possibilities of this software They are unlimited, since it allows us to mix all kinds of techniques, photography, video, treatments on work previously scanned. In Painter the possibilities of each tool are very varied and it is necessary to investigate all options to achieve unique and different effects, giving the option to Each author has exclusive brushes, colors and effects stored in his own library. In this tutorial “Landscape of Palm Trees”, we will create brushes starting from a previous creation with the tool Nozzles (Image Injectors). This form of color brush is exclusive in Corel Painter.

Instructions: How to crack Corel Painter 2019

1.Install the trial
2.Block your internet connection
Start CorelDraw , In Help Menu Click on Sign In
another window will open click on Already Purchased (bottom)
3.Use XFORCE to generate your serial and choose offline activation
4.Copy Your Installation Code into XF keygen and generate your Activation Code
Copy it back into Corel Activation Window

5.That’s it, Enjoy it

nb:forget the bug of bad serial after activation.
Don’t forget include the – “dash characters”.
Click no if they ask you to create an account.


Download our keygen for Corel Painter 2019


Download Painter-2019-kg-v101
(Latest Keygen version)

Zip pass: or


We believe that cracking and sharing softwares is something great and needed, but please never forget to support his creators. If you can afford the product PLEASE buy it =)


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  • I received the iso file, but even though I recognize it as a virus, I can’t use the vaccine. Can you send it as a zip file?

  • the keygen works great! just disable your antivirus and thats it!

  • will it work on a 32bit system? windows 7.

  • Current windows 10 detects virus and malware inside and deletes it.

  • it is for 2018, not 2019

  • Website message links are crap.
    Tried to download and install SpeedTree 7.07 form both PirateBay and RARBG – BOTH install folders (downloaded) are missing QtXml4.dll required to start the program.
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    I know this is an old file from 2014 but I have an old 32 bit computer and a lot of newer software will not work on my machine.

    PLEASE… can you tweak and add the required file to the folder?
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  • This is for 2018, not 2019. All the links are wrong (they all point to the 2018 keygen).

  • Where to find the serial?

  • Thank you very much =D

  • What is the serial number? Please help 🙂

    • You have to press the GENERATE SERIAL button, then choose offline activation. Read the instruction 😉

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