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We just finished our crack for Clip Studio Paint Ex 2018 and Clip Studio Paint Pro 2018, another work made by our amazing guys. Its not tested in every sistem, so we’ll be very grateful to receive your feedback.

The crack works with the trial version of both version, EX and PRO (or any 1.8.2 downloaded separately). If you find any problems, please leave us a comment with your OS version.


Clip Studio Paint Ex 2018 & Pro 2018 Crack only
Version of Keygen: v1.2.1
Release Date: 10/19/2018
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MacOS, Windows 7 (64b) SP1 or later, Windows 8.1 (64b), Windows 10 (64b) (version 1607 or later)
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What is the difference between the Pro and EX versions?

There are several key differences between CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO and EX. First of all, the EX version has all of the same features as PRO and also includes 3 main differences.

1) The ability to create complete comic books (manga books) from start to finish with the Story feature. The Story feature allows you to add and rearrange pages as well as change the page format between spread and single page. With the Story feature, you’re also able to see a preview how your multi-page project will look like when it is printed and bound. For users that are serious about comic book creation, this is a must have feature.

2) The ability to import 3D files and convert them to line and tones. Typically, users import 3D files as backgrounds and props in their art project in order to save time from having to create everything in their project from scratch. This feature is particularly useful for backgrounds, landscape, environments and props. The CLIP STUDIO Asset store has thousands of FREE 3D files available for import into this 2018 EX release.

3) The EX version allows for an unlimited number of frames for animation projects – whereas the PRO version is limited to 24 frames.

Create perspective lines and symmetrical lines
Create perspective lines and symmetrical lines

Clip Studio Paint Pro (Formerly Manga Studio)

With arguments you might think that Clip Studio Paint is the big brother of Paint Tool SAI. It is a very similar application, with an inclination toward the art of Manga and comics, and has every tool that has SAI. However, it also has a series of extra tools as well.

Use rulers to draw precise, clean lines
Use rulers to draw precise, clean lines

Clip Studio Paint changed its name from Manga Studio as a way to communicate that it has a greater scope to Manga. However if it turns out that you are involved in the production of comics or manga there are many fabulous tools here to help you. For example, there is a tool to create comic frames in your document that acts as individual canvases.

There are also specialized tools to draw bubbles of dialogues and thoughts. The best thing is that it also has a vast collection of drag-and-drop comic page layouts and dialog bubbles, movement and explosion lines, monochromatic background patterns, clip-art image objects, and full 3D models and scenes that They can be placed, scaled and rotated in your document.

Create speed lines in a fixed direction
Create speed lines in a fixed direction

An amazing feature of Clip Studio Paint is the ability to carry 3D personal pose references to help with your sketch. There are two pre-fabricated poses, but any body reference that you add can be subsequently placed in any posture you need to draw. As a UPS, has vector tools that focus on drawing and line art. It also gives you the ability to adjust the line thickness at each point -I’d say that the SAI adjustment tool is easier to use here, but Clip Studio gives you more parameters to control the effect.

Change the body shape freely
Change the body shape freely

Clip Studio Paint also has stabilizer functionality, although for my taste the feeling of SAI is much softer. But where SAI lets you look for solutions to draw circles, Clip Studio does have tools for drawing circles (and squares).

Also has a number of paint tools larger than that of SAI. With a greater variety of painting styles available without the need for custom brush creation. Additionally, creating custom brushes is very easy in this 2018 version. Just create some kind of rasterized drawing on a transparent background, then go to Edit> Register as Material and specify some of the default ones.

This is a very useful feature that you can use to create all kinds of interesting effects. If you are creating comics or Manga, Clip Studio Paint is probably at the top of the list, despite its name change. And if you want easy access to 3D body models as a reference, this could be the drawing application for you.

You can pose 3D drawing figures and use them as a foundation layer for your work
You can pose 3D drawing figures and use them as a foundation layer for your work

How to create brushes in Clip Studio Paint

In this last part of the subsection of tutorials on how to create brushes, we explain the technique that will allow us to obtain “alphas” from “grunge” style brushes (dirty). For this, we will download a texture of metal, rust or dirt that we find interesting from the internet.

We will pass it through the program, and we will clean its values ​​so that there are “holes” of targets in the sample, so that when applying strokes, we will be transparent and not opaque. In the same way, we will erase with an airbrush in a non-homogeneous way the edges of the same so that the edges of the pattern when painting is not visible.

It is also important to create the texture in a black and white layer, or else the program will not let us change the color with the texture we have created.

Subsequently, we use the program pattern register to save that brush tip, and we put a label that is similar to other tips of the style, and to be able to find it in the future easier when we want to create similar brushes. Next, we duplicate any brush, to which we will change its brush tip with those we have created.

Switch to an interface optimized for Windows touch operations
Switch to an interface optimized for Windows touch operations

We will apply to it a random direction effect so that it creates boring patterns when printing, and finally, we will lower the amount of pen pressure so that it creates interesting effects. Now, we can only apply the pattern, paint, and put it in transparent mode (C) to erase with the same tip type.

Today I bring a small tutorial to color the inking line that you make in digital. In many illustrations that I make I like to color the line in a color similar to the content that delimits.

For example: If I want to inlay the blond hair of a character, I like to use a dull brown tone, or if I’m inking the grass, I like to use a dark green. In this way the inking is softened.

This is not the only method to color the inking of your drawings. You can color the line through another workflow (action routes) but you will get a different result. The benefits of this method are, among other things: You can add or delete strokes of the inking after coloring, without any change in color.

Export your work files in EPUB and Kindle e-book
Export your work files in EPUB and Kindle e-book

You can modify the color of the line at any time without losing the quality of the stroke. It allows all kinds of color, textures and gradients in the inking. Even images.

NOTE: this technique is only valid for inks made in layers with transparent background, where the only thing that is painted is the line of the inking. It will not work with traditional inks scanned on paper. For these cases, I will make another tutorial about it.



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(Latest version, 24,3MB)
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