Arnold 6 2021 Crack & Keygen only [Win7-Win8.1-Win 10 -Mac OS X 10.11] *Updated 2023*

We just finished our crack for the new Autodesk Arnold 6 (2021 version, updated 2023), another work made by our amazing guys. Its not tested in every sistem, so we’ll be very grateful to receive your feedback.

The crack works with the trial version. If you find any problems, please leave us a comment with your OS version.

Software Description & System requirements


Download arnold-2021v1.1.2xf-Win
(Win 10 + Win8.1 + Win 7 Version)
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Download arnold-2021v1.1.2xf-Mac
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Arnold 2021 xforce Keygen
Version of Keygen: v1.1.2
Release Date: 6/26/2020  Updated: 3/3/2023
Compatible with:
Windows 7 or later, OSX 10.11 or later
net framework 4.5 needed
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New features of Arnol 6 in 2020

With its latest update, the Arnold program can be used for production rendering on CPUs and GPUs.

From scene development and preview to final render, Arnold 6 with Arnold GPU simplifies the way you can create iterative content, giving you speed and flexibility to stay attached to animation project delivery schedules, as well as having your ability to scale the render process as needed.

The company provided the switch between CPU and GPU rendering, maintaining the same parameters in one click. Arnold GPU is based on NVIDIA’s OptiX platform and is optimized to take advantage of NVIDIA RTX technology.

There are also several new features in this release to help you work faster, with a collection of components for your ecosystem and updates for Arnold plugins.

Arnold 6 with Arnold GPU is available to download now. It is also available as a stand-alone subscription or from the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection. You can also try Arnold on a free 30-day trial. Arnold GPU is available in all compatible plugins for Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3ds Max, Houdini, Cinema 4D and Katana.

There is the option of a new way to buy Arnold. 3-year, monthly and yearly single-user subscriptions are available in the Autodesk store, simplifying the way you subscribe, log in, install, and renew your program.

Autodesk has announced that its new suites designed for artists and designers, Autodesk Maya 2020 and Arnold 6, incorporate new accelerated features to provide improvements in speed and interactivity to shorten the review / approval cycle and finish work on time. Although these improvements are only profitable for those users or professionals who make use of an Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card through the Nvidia Studio, Quadro RTX and RTX Server graphic drivers.

This is because Autodesk has added the Nvidia OptiX famework, which works through the RT cores incorporated in the Nvidia RTX graphics, dedicated to Ray Tracing, as well as the Tensor cores, focused on intelligence noise reduction Artificial. In this way, the Nvidia RTX allows its users to perform interactive renderings in real time, in addition to providing greater speed in the batch rendering and final framerate processes.

“We have worked closely with Nvidia to optimize Arnold GPU, making it compatible with the latest graphics cards and RTX servers, and we are excited to make this new update available to Arnold users,” said Chris Vienneau, Senior Director of Products of Media and Entertainment at Autodesk.

“Speed ​​and interactivity are more crucial than ever in the creative process. Arnold 6 offers performance enhancements that will lessen the workload by delivering high-quality renderings that match CPU rendering systems. ”

Improvements implemented in Autodesk Arnold 6:

Unified rendering engine that lets you toggle smoothly between CPU and GPU rendering.
Support for OSL, OpenVDB volumes, on-demand texture load, a wide selection of LPEs, lights, shaders, and all cameras.
New USD components like Hydra Render Delegate, Arnold USD Procedural, and USD schematics for Arnold nodes and properties, which are now available on GitHub.
Numerous performance enhancements that help maximize efficiency, including faster subdivisions, an improved Physical Sky shader, and micro-facet multiple diffusion in dielectric materials.

Improvements implemented in Autodesk Maya 2020:

New Proximity Warp deformer that provides improved memory usage and significantly increased performance.
Smooth Mesh Preview improved, now uses less memory and plays previews on the graphics card when possible. This new feature is especially useful when working with dense, content-laden scenes, where memory limits can be reached quickly.

Autodesk has announced the release of Arnold 6. From skinning development to final frame rendering, with Arnold GPU simplifies the way artists and studios create content, giving them the speed and flexibility to adapt to an environment of accelerated work and a scalable rendering ability to accommodate production flows. Arnold’s intuitive interface makes it easy to toggle between CPU and GPU processing, maintaining the same settings with a single click. Arnold GPU is based on NVIDIA’s OptiX framework and is optimized to take advantage of NVIDIA RTX technology.

First introduced as a beta version in March, this Arnold version completes the Arnold GPU toolset with improvements to lights, shaders, and cameras, as well as on-demand texture loading and support for Open Shading Language (OSL) and OpenVDB volumes. Additionally, as part of Autodesk’s continued efforts to accelerate the adoption of open standards, there is a collection of components for Arnold in the USD ecosystem available online.

What are the most outstanding features of Arnold 6?

  • Improved support for Open Shading Language (OSL).
  • Improved support for OpenVDB volumes.
  • Textures are now loaded when you choose rather than at the start of rendering, helping to reduce memory usage and save time from the first pixel.
  • Time to first pixel is now faster thanks to a number of enhancements including more efficient NVIDIA OptiX caching.
  • Limit Volume Hierarchy (BVH) memory used by geometry is reduced by up to 50% for large meshes.
  • A first version of the new Shadow Matte shader has been added to the GPU processor.
  • Excessive sources of noise, such as indirect noise in refractions or reflections, have been removed. GPU noise is now similar to CPU noise when Adaptive Sampling is used, which has been enhanced for even faster and more predictable results, regardless of the processor used.
  • Most LPEs (39/46 and counting) are now supported.
  • Most lights are supported, including portals.
  • All cameras are now supported.
  • Most shaders are supported.

Download our Keygen for Autodesk Arnorld 6


Download arnold-2021v1.1.2xf-Win
(Win 10 + Win8.1 + Win 7 Version)
Zip pass:


Download arnold-2021v1.1.2xf-Mac
(MacOS X 10 Version)
Zip pass:


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  1. On Mac OS Sierra the keygen is not opening. The system says “file cannot be open because not supported on this mac”

  2. On Mac OS Sierra the keygen is not opening. The system says “file cannot be open because not supported on this mac”

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