Adobe CC universal crack [Win Mac] *Updated 2021*

Here we have the last Patcher by PainteR for all Adobe CC Softwares, this Patcher simply replace the amtlib.dll file for the cracked version.

This crack is ONLY for Windows and works with his trials version. If you find any problems, please leave us a comment with your Windows version.


Download adobeUNIVpatch-XFcc64b
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Adobe CC Universal cracked by xforce
Adobe CC Universal cracked by xforce

Adobe CC Univeral Crack & Keygen
Version of Keygen: v1.6.0
Release Date: 6/21/2014
Compatible with:
Windows 7 (32bits & 64bits) & Windows 8 (64bits)
net framework 4.5 needed
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News from this release

This last version of Adobe softwares combines outstanding performance with a renewed elegant user interface and a number of fantastic new creative features, including Warp Stabilizer for image stabilization, dynamic calendar enlarged sectional multicamera editing, adjustment layers, and more.

Version 7.2.2 provides important occurrence arrangements dealing red frame, audio outputs, and loss of intrinsic effects flattening multicam sequences.

The main feature of Creative Cloud is that it allows users to stay connected with working groups and the creative community through its system desktop, Web or mobile sites. All files and are automatically synchronized between the desktop, cloud and mobile devices.

Speaking specifically of Photoshop CC, this software comes with a wide range of innovative improvements. Within 10 highlights include:

  1. CC combines Photoshop Standard and Extended version, so all the features of Photoshop Extended, including 3D tools in Photoshop.
  2. Photoshop CC reintroduces the “Deblur” filter launched in 2011, now revealed as “Camera Shake Reduction”.
  3. Camera Raw features include 8 released into the public beta of Lightroom 5, ie, advanced healing brush, Radial Gradient tool and Upright tool.
  4. CC offers integration with Photoshop Behance, the online portfolio for creative professionals with the ability to post directly on the Behance gallery Photoshop.
  5. Along with this latest integration, Photoshop subscribers have free access to CC Pro-Behance site.
  6. Intelligent Upsampling – CC in Photoshop will be able to make larger prints without compromising detail in the edges or noise in the image.
  7. The membership plans for individual applications for customers that require Photoshop CC are only available for the United States estimated at USD $ 19.99 monthly price.
  8. There will be CS7 Photoshop, but Photoshop CC evolve with constant updates to subscribers. What this means is that there is no need to wait 18 months or two years for an upgrade.
  9. A perpetual license Lightroom will remain available as Photoshop CS6.
  10. No need to be online to use Photoshop CC. The software is installed on the computer. However, Adobe will have to check if the subscription is regularly updated, so you will need to log on once a month.

Adobe, the leader in creative software, continues to drive innovation of Creative Cloud with the announcement of 14 new apps for desktop versions of CC, including essential tools such as Adobe Photoshop CC, CC Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The biggest launch of CS6 Adobe software also includes four new mobile apps, the immediate availability of creative hardware changes Creative Cloud services and new offerings for business, educational and Photograph customers. Yesterday, Adobe announced that there are now more than 2.3 million subscriptions to Creative Cloud, a figure much higher than original projections, when it launched two years ago.

This change of Creative Cloud has given us a large canvas on which we have innovated like never before” said David Wadhwani, senior vice president of Digital Media, Adobe. “We have taken bold steps with this release, adding new features to industry-defining tools such as Photoshop and InDesign, while we have introduced mobile apps that turn tablets indispensable creative tools.”

This version serves a creative industry that is changing at an astonishing rate: three out of four believe that the creative industry has changed more in the last five years than in the previous 50, and about two-thirds believe that their role will change significantly in the next 3 years (see the report the New creatives report, where they were interviewed 1,000 creatives USA, published 16 June). Creative cited new technologies as the driving force behind this rapid change.
Adobe announced that henceforth the company will focus its development efforts on software Creative Creative Cloud offering. While the company has no plans for future releases of CS products, products Adobe Creative Suite 6 will continue to have support and will be available for purchase.

Mobile apps extend desktop digital flow CC

Fulfilling mobile innovation, Adobe launched three new mobile apps for iPad -Adobe Sketch, Line Adobe and Adobe Photoshop Mix- and also a new hardware called Adobe Creative Ink-a new digitally pen and Adobe Slide, a new digital rule. Mobile apps were developed using a new SDK for Adobe Creative opening more than 30 years of innovation and makes it available on mobile devices for the first time.

These new apps are professional but are easy for anyone to use, similar to Lightroom mobile app recently launched for photographers. It is also similar to Adobe Adobe Voice app for the new animation video. These powerful apps, easy to use mobile capabilities added significant to Creative Cloud to integrate workflows with desktop applications DC and bring the flow of creative works for the first time to the tablets.

New versions of desktop apps CC

Beyond mobile innovation, the 2014 version of Creative Cloud offers more magic allowing faster and easier to perform daily tasks, while providing new support to the hardware and cutting-edge standards. Among the main features of the 14 new desktop applications include:

New capabilities in Photoshop for photographers CC containing Gallery Blur effects to create a sense of movement; Focus Mask, which makes portrait shots with shallow depth of field are highlighted; new Content-Aware capabilities; and the recently introduced Perspective Warp to adjust smoothly the perspective of a specific part of the image without affecting the edges. Designers using Photoshop CC will enjoy better performance Mercury Graphics engine, and the ability to link and share smart objects across multiple documents. Enhanced with Layer Comps, saves users time to change the visibility, position, or appearance of a layer and simply synchronize to see the changes reflected in all other layers. Photoshop CC also has the ability to tap and zoom the images, creating smoother lines, and provide a more responsive touch experience in Windows 8 based devices such as Microsoft Surface Pro 3.

In addition, for designers, new capabilities include forms Illustrator CC Live to quickly transform rectangles into complex shapes and then return to the original box with just a few clicks and faster rendering of vector graphics with GPU acceleration in Windows with a NVIDIA certified by Adobe. In InDesign CC, artists can now select rows and columns and use Fixed Layout EPUB to easily create digital books. Adobe Muse CC now includes 64-bit support, support for HiDPI display images, sharper objects and text, and the ability to preview and optimize versions of sites for desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Over 20 CC Apps
Over 20 CC Apps

New features include video apps Templates and Live Text Masking and Tracking, new integrations that leverage the power of Adobe After Effects CC within Premiere Pro CC. The speed of the projects has increased thanks to improved graphics performance in Premiere Pro; new and accurate keying effects in After Effects; colored pipe Direct Link more flexible in Adobe SpeedGrade CC; and new multitrack audio tools in Adobe Audition CC. The integration between apps is also improved to save time when working between After Effects and Premiere Pro or SpeedGrade.

Web tools now include the ability to watch the marking of a document with the new element in Dreamweaver Quick View CC, which allows web developers to view, navigate, and easily modify the structure of HTML pages. Improved CSS Designer help to apply CSS properties such as gradients, shadows and edges of the box and then undo them easily. The SVG export CC Pro Flash allows developers to export any frame of Flash projects as a SVG file, while the native video support HTML Animate Edge CC allows direct import video clips from HTML5.

Your creative assets and your creative profiles anywhere

New DC desktop apps, mobile apps and hardware are tightly integrated via Creative Cloud services. This integration helps to release the creative process by allowing users to access and manage everything that makes her creative profile-files, photos, fonts, colors, community, and more-from wherever they work. Today also introduced the new Creative Cloud app for iPhone and iPad that allows users to access and manage your files, assets and more from your mobile device.

New Creative Cloud offering for businesses, educational institutions and Photographers

Adobe Creative Cloud Enterprise is an offering designed specifically for software implementations of large-scale works with other business deals as Adobe Marketing Cloud, Acrobat, Adobe Anywhere and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Updates include more services collaboration and file storage, more options for implementation, and a new dashboard for user management and rights. For education, Adobe now has a device based on offer for classrooms and labs that enables multiple users to access the software from a single device instead of tying a person with an Adobe ID licensing, which is an advantage in a environment where students come and go.


Download our Universal Crack for Adobe CC


Download adobeUNIVpatch-XFcc64b
(Windows version)
Zip pass: or


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