Adobe CC Master Collection 2018 Crack & amtlib patch [Win 7, 8, 10] and MacOS *Updated 2021*

Here we have the last Patcher by PainteR for all Adobe CC Softwares (2018 release version), this Patcher simply replace the amtlib.dll file for the cracked version.

This crack have both (Windows and MacOS versions) and works with his trials version (download and install each trial separately). If you find any problems, please leave us a comment with your OS version.


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Adobe CC Universal cracked by xforce
Adobe CC Master Collection 2018 cracked by xforce

Adobe CC Master Collection 2018 Crack & Keygen
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Adobe cc master 2018
Adobe cc master 2018

What is included in this 2018 release version?

This 2018 version includes all adobe CC softwares, the entire family, like Photoshop, Stock, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver, After Effects, Dimension, Acrobat Pro DC, etc.

Photoshop is a world-known image retouching software that is part of the Adobe Creative Suite family of programs (Illustrator, InDesign …) Its worldwide fame is due to (sometimes excessive) use in the world of fashion.

However, it is still a fundamental tool for the day to day of many professions related to graphic creation, including architects.

Animate CC
Animate CC

Indispensable to get some professional infographics, to retouch photographs of a particular project or to make photomontages by inserting the project in its environment, inserting people, objects, textures, backgrounds … The use of Photoshop has become an indispensable part of the architect’s life.


How to learn Photoshop?

To learn how to use Photoshop, we recommend that you follow one of the following options that we propose below.

Audition cc 2018
Audition cc 2018

1. Photoshop course

Undoubtedly the most complete option to learn how to use this software is by following training courses, a tutored learning will allow you to reach all facets of the program and you will have at your disposal professionals who will solve all your doubts.

Photoshop cc 2018
Photoshop cc 2018

For this we have selected an online course that reviews this new 2018 release tools ONE by ONE. In this way you can adapt this knowledge to the field in which you are interested, be it photography or graphic design.

The course is composed of 219 very practical lessons that reach a total of 18 and a half hours of training and the price is very affordable. If you want to take a look we leave you the link below.

2. Photoshop CC 2018 manual

Having a manual of this adobe software at home assures you a total availability of consultation at any time you need and follow a step-by-step learning with all the functions of the program collected in a book. We have selected a series of manuals so you can decide which is the one that best suits your needs.

Ecorer cc 2018
Ecorer cc 2018

3. Photoshop video tutorials

Youtube is flooded with Photoshop tutorials, it is probably the program that has more videos at your disposal, so it will not be difficult to find a tutorial for each aspect and function of the program.

Then we have included a video with the most basic concepts of the program, so it is a good starting point and from there to move forward.

So far this article comes to learn how to use Photoshop. We hope that some of these options will help you learn or improve the use of this program.

InDesign CC 2018
InDesign CC 2018

A little tutorial about Illustrator

In this post we will see how to learn to use Illustrator, the most used vector design program in the market.

Illustrator is the program for creating vector images par excellence, and rightly so. Together with Photoshop, it constitutes the bulk of the image editing programs of the Creative Suite family. The main difference that separates it from the photo software is that while the second one allows the editing of images in bitmap, that is, pixels, Illustrator works with vectorial vector graphics.

Premiere CC 2018
Premiere CC 2018

The main advantage of vector graphics versus pixels is that images can be enlarged without losing quality, unlike images formed by bitmap that are “pixelated”. This quality makes these images more versatile, expanding or reducing their size as appropriate for one format or another.

Learning to use Illustrator is therefore practically indispensable for an architect, as well as for any professional who dedicates himself or wants to devote himself to graphic design. To start learning this software, the first thing you need is the latest version of Illustrator. You can download a free trial version at the following link:

Once you have the program installed on your computer, from arquiPARADOS, as usual, we recommend three ways to learn ilustrator.

Adobe cc master collection 2018
Adobe cc master collection 2018

1. Illustrator video tutorials

The tutorials are a good starting point to take control of this program, they allow you to advance at your own pace practically from scratch.

In Youtube you will find hundreds of ilustrator tutorials. If you are here it is because you probably do not have previous knowledge of this program and you want to start from the beginning, so we recommend you start with the following tutorial that appears on the right. and then go ahead at your own pace from home.

Adobe Prelude CC 2018
Adobe Prelude CC 2018

2. Illustrator Manual

A manual has the advantage of being able to consult whenever you need it, without depending on being connected to the Internet or having to change the tab continuously. It is one of the best options to acquire a deeper knowledge of this software. For this we recommend you read some of the following Illustrator manuals, we have selected the ones that in our opinion are the most complete.

Animate cc 2018
Animate cc 2018

3. Illustrator courses

If what you are looking for is to acquire a program management at a professional level, it is best to follow a course. The advantage of the courses is that in addition to officially certify that you have that knowledge, which is a plus in order to get a job, is that you will have at your disposal a tutor who can solve all the doubts that may arise as you progress in your learning.

After effects cc 2018
After effects cc 2018

We hope this information has helped you learn how to use Adobe Illustrator. If you have any questions leave us a comment, we will be happy to assist you. Thanks for reading.


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Download adobeUNIV2018patch-XF
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