Adobe Animate 2019 Crack & amtlib patch [Win 10 64b] and MacOS *Updated 2021*

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Adobe Animate (former Flash) has been one of my favorite applications of Creative Cloud since its inception.

The new version CC 2019 does not disappoint and brings many new features. I would like to highlight in this post which have been the ones that have interested me the most.


Lip Synchronization

Now it is also possible to create lip sync within Adobe Animate, something that users of other animation tools that had long been doing as Moho, Toon Boon or the Adobe Character Animator itself, missed.

The procedure is pretty easy. Just create a graphic symbol that incorporates the different graphic visemas in your frames. Once all these visemas have been drawn, simply select the instance of the symbol in the scenario and select the option “Synchronization of lips …” from the properties panel. In the dialog that appears, it will be possible to associate each frame with each one of the visemas. Then we only have to choose, in this same panel, the layer that contains the audio track with which we want to synchronize the corresponding labial.

Asset deformation tool

To say it quickly is the “puppet tool” that we can see in After Effects, Photoshop or Illustrator transferred to Animate (It’s about time!).

In this way we can introduce control points or pins in a graphic to deform it and from there by using keyframes and classic interpolations, get in seconds organic and fluid animations in characters and / or objects. This type of animations can be used in both vecotres and bitmaps.

Association of layers and layer effects

By means of the new layer association function it is possible to establish a parent-child hierarchy between the layers of the same timeline. That is, if we perform a transformation on a certain layer, this transformation will be inherited to the “daughter” layers, while a transformation made to a “daughter” layer will not affect the “mother” layer on which it depends (something similar to the relationship that exists between an arm, a forearm and a hand, we can move the hand without changing the position of the forearm but we can not move the forearm without the hand moving in turn). This opens up a whole range of possibilities when creating hierarchical animations such as the animation of character bodies or objects that move inside a moving container (like passengers walking on the deck of a ship that moves in the sea, for example). In this way, complex animations that in the past needed a greater number of steps can be made.

It is also possible to apply effects (such as blurring or inking effects) directly to a layer instead of to each of the objects in the layer separately, which, undoubtedly, also means a great saving of work and time.

And much more…

As I said these are just some of the new features that have been presented in the new edition but there are others such as creating animations for VR environments (still in beta), improved integration with After Effects, the ability to combine several layers in one (in pure Photoshop style), improved Web GL export and texture rendering, faster access to the creation of animation interpolations from the context menu or a start screen full of examples, pre-adjustments and access to tutorials to speed up our learning of this fantastic software to create our own cartoons.


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Download AdobeCC-2019Zer0Cod3-Patcher
(Windows and MacOS version)
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